Feeling Beautiful…at 35 weeks pregnant

blogI have been pregnant two times before this time and the first time around most of the time I didn’t feel beautiful I just felt FULL…when I was pregnant with Liam I realized that it was about me taking care of myself and most of all seeking God in all I did and that was where I found true beauty, being precious in the sight of God. 

This time around with David I have fully embraced this blessing that God has given to me and I do believe that your heart and your intentions in all you do are reflected in your outward person, whether it be in your beauty or in your relationships with others and the impact that you leave behind.

I think it is important to embrace the moment God has you in and to allow Him to do a great work in you. This pregnancy has been such a blessing in helping me to realize that no matter what you are faced with you can trust God and his perfect timing to work all things out.

I have also noticed that I thoroughly enjoy dressing my pregnant self and feeling beautiful on the inside and outside…even at 35 weeks pregnant…case in point..feeling stunning at 34 weeks last week!


I have also come to enjoy wearing make up and trying out new things…like waterlining have you heard of it? If you haven’t well just click on the link and you’ll find out what it is all about..totally makes your eyes pop! I currently am using, Master Kajal in Charcoal Skies, from Maybelline to achieve this awesome game changing look. I also started wanting to use something besides BB cream because I wanted a little more coverage and didn’t want to have use BB cream and foundation too…so to the rescue you’d never guess came Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse…I would have never thought I’d use something like this but from day 1 I loved it and it goes on so easy and lasts all day! Another game changer has been the Dream Bouncy Blush…super amazing and easy to apply and you can’t mess it up that is what I love about a lot of Maybelline’s products…you can’t mess up! OH and you can’t forget the eye shadow..I love Maybelline’s The Nude’s Pallette and the Color Tattoo in Barely Branded.

So please let me know what your thoughts are and what your makeup trends are too!


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