Can I get a healthy…

I mean Amen!

Being healthy is a lifestyle that takes adjusting to where you need to teach yourself that you DON’T need to eat bad sugars and carbs but that you NEED to eat good sugars and carbs and you WON’T feel like you are deprived. Oh  and as I’m writing this right now I was the girl that almost got a love it in a waffle cone bowl of sweet cream with rainbow sprinkles, oreo and coconut today…but I didn’t, I went back to work instead and had my yummy green smoothie 🙂


The thing that is so important is setting yourself up for success…that means going to the store and buying TONS of fruit and veggies and cleaning them so they are ready to eat and of course searching for yummy and quick recipes whether for dinner or a snack!

Here are some of my boards that can offer some great ideas healthy snacks and easy breakfast ideas and yummy dinner.

Happy being healthy…I promise it is not that bad 🙂



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