All About Dr. Bronner’s….

I have heard such awesome things from many other blogs I follow about Dr. Bronner’s products that I just knew I had to try them for myself too!

Last week we had a big party at our house and I did a lot of cleaning and I whipped up a lot of my own cleaning products…now that is great but it is great to also know that there is also a natural product that I can use that will be just or even more effective than what I can make…may I introduce Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner 🙂 I haven’t used Sal yet but once I do I’ll do another post about it

I also love tea trea oil and I love a wash that I can use for my body and hair so I decided to try out Dr. Bronners as well and for the first time using it today I have to say it lathered nicely and didn’t feel like it stripped my hair but rather got rid of any buildup the same way you’d use some ACV



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