A good denim…

I love jeans I wear them to work almost everyday…you can dress them up or dress them down…you can do sneakers or a heel/wedge or a sandal…you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans (well you really can if you always by the super cheap ones).

I have ALWAYS been getting jeans for about $20 no more and sure less if I could find them for less! It didn’t matter where from to me…as long as they were not expensive. I’ve learned over time that they all do the same thing…they wear horribly in the knee, they sag in the top part of the back, they stretchhhhhhh like no other, they create this odd lip around the belt loop area.

One day while I was perusing J Crew I noticed a nice pair of jeans on sale for around $40…I ventured to try them on and MAN was I impressed!! They fit perfect, were super flattering and I knew they’d be awesome quality as is everything else I have from J Crew…so I ran to the register with my first pair of J Crew jeans a happy jean wearing girl…fast forward and 4 pairs later I’m happy to say that I’m going to be selling all my other jeans on Poshmark this weekend because I love my J Crew jeans sooo much and I want to get rid of the bulk!

Some great options are here, here, here and here.

jean2 jean1

Happy denim shopping!


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