A good denim…

I love jeans I wear them to work almost everyday…you can dress them up or dress them down…you can do sneakers or a heel/wedge or a sandal…you can’t go wrong with a pair of jeans (well you really can if you always by the super cheap ones).

I have ALWAYS been getting jeans for about $20 no more and sure less if I could find them for less! It didn’t matter where from to me…as long as they were not expensive. I’ve learned over time that they all do the same thing…they wear horribly in the knee, they sag in the top part of the back, they stretchhhhhhh like no other, they create this odd lip around the belt loop area.

One day while I was perusing J Crew I noticed a nice pair of jeans on sale for around $40…I ventured to try them on and MAN was I impressed!! They fit perfect, were super flattering and I knew they’d be awesome quality as is everything else I have from J Crew…so I ran to the register with my first pair of J Crew jeans a happy jean wearing girl…fast forward and 4 pairs later I’m happy to say that I’m going to be selling all my other jeans on Poshmark this weekend because I love my J Crew jeans sooo much and I want to get rid of the bulk!

Some great options are here, here, here and here.

jean2 jean1

Happy denim shopping!


Some new creations

I have been on the right path to eating right, feeling right and just loving who I am and who God has made me to be!

I have been cooking up some yummy eats for myself that are full of flavor and not full of guilt or excess carbs and sugars and fats!

First off, I’m just Heather sharing some yummy recipes so if you incorporate what I make into your menu sweet but don’t account me for anything besides yummy eats!

Stuffed Sweet Potato


You can easily cook a sweet potato in the microwave on the setting for a baked potato 🙂

1 lb ground turkey

chili seasoning

1 can chickpeas

1 can black beans

1 can corn

2 c salsa

1/2 c cheese

Cook ground turkey with chili seasoning til browned and than add drained and rinsed chickpeas/black beans/corn/salsa and mix it up til warm and than right before serving add shredded cheese and enjoy…I also enjoying adding some plain non fat Greek yogurt to the top with some Sriracha sauce for that extra kick!

P.S. You will have a lot of leftovers so feel free to create some zucchini boats and add the mix to it and bake in the oven at 400 for 15 minutes, you won’t be disappointed!


Best Bar Ever…

If you know me you know I like a good bar…by bar I mean Lara or something with dates and only a few ingredients…but Lara is expensive for such few ingredients….so I usually make my own but I normally make energy balls because they are easy to eat AKA less messy and quick!

16 dates (soft)

1 c nuts (cashews/peanuts)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tbsp cocoa powder

2 tbsp coconut shredded (unsweetened)

1 tbsp flax seed

3 tbsp agave nectar

Place all ingredients into blender or food processor and blend til combined than make into balls or bars and freeze


All About Dr. Bronner’s….

I have heard such awesome things from many other blogs I follow about Dr. Bronner’s products that I just knew I had to try them for myself too!

Last week we had a big party at our house and I did a lot of cleaning and I whipped up a lot of my own cleaning products…now that is great but it is great to also know that there is also a natural product that I can use that will be just or even more effective than what I can make…may I introduce Sal Suds Biodegradable Cleaner 🙂 I haven’t used Sal yet but once I do I’ll do another post about it

I also love tea trea oil and I love a wash that I can use for my body and hair so I decided to try out Dr. Bronners as well and for the first time using it today I have to say it lathered nicely and didn’t feel like it stripped my hair but rather got rid of any buildup the same way you’d use some ACV


Can I get a healthy…

I mean Amen!

Being healthy is a lifestyle that takes adjusting to where you need to teach yourself that you DON’T need to eat bad sugars and carbs but that you NEED to eat good sugars and carbs and you WON’T feel like you are deprived. Oh  and as I’m writing this right now I was the girl that almost got a love it in a waffle cone bowl of sweet cream with rainbow sprinkles, oreo and coconut today…but I didn’t, I went back to work instead and had my yummy green smoothie 🙂


The thing that is so important is setting yourself up for success…that means going to the store and buying TONS of fruit and veggies and cleaning them so they are ready to eat and of course searching for yummy and quick recipes whether for dinner or a snack!

Here are some of my boards that can offer some great ideas healthy snacks and easy breakfast ideas and yummy dinner.

Happy being healthy…I promise it is not that bad 🙂


Follow Up on SHAVING yo face!

It feels like ages ago when I discussed shaving your face…well here is an update

On a whim I purchased a facial trimmer similar to this one at my local grocery store for about $10…I wanted to try out a different tool to get rid of that unwanted facial hair (even that blonde peach fuzz).

I am happy to report that once again you NEED to try this out – it is better I will say then the razor because you have a constant speed to work with so that is nice.

Where have you been all my life?!

Well not all my life but for the past 3 months you might ask…well as you know I was busy creating a human and then he was born but he came in an eventful way…I was diagnosed with pre-eclampsia at 35 weeks pregnant and I have never had it before which makes it extra ODD…I went for my 35 week check up and my blood pressure was INSANE…I was sent right to the hospital and had to stay over night and then my Dr decided that I would be on bed rest til David was ready to come. At my next appointment with my Dr he told me that I did in fact have pre-eclampsia and that I would be delivering David at 37 weeks…I was to be induced.

On 12/29/15 Tim and I went to the hospital and I got all situated in my room and the pitocin started…the beginning was not that bad as it was slowly given to me and there were plenty of prayers coming my way which I am forever grateful for. I started out at about 3 cm and 80% effaced at 9 a.m. and I was only at 5 cm by 4 p.m. UGH…that was frustrating but I still was not in a lot of pain just normal contractions that were manageable til the Dr broke my water than that is when it got real! The contractions were intense the pain was unbearable at times but I still pushed through it and did my best to  hold off on an epidural as I didn’t have one with Liam so I wanted to try doing that again (I know I am crazy). Around 5 p.m. my Dr came to check me and he told me that if I didn’t get to almost 7 within the next 40 minutes that I should think about getting the epidural because he didn’t know how much longer I’d be going at this…I said OK and thank you but I’m good…until he came back about 50 minutes later and I still hadn’t made much of any progress…I QUICKLY changed my mind and wanted the epidural because I was losing it…the contractions were so close together that I barely had time to recover from one before another came! The nurse kept telling me the anesthesiologist was 15 minutes away…that was not cutting it..it felt like 5 minutes was an eternity!

While I was still waiting to get my epidural I felt like I was ready to push and the last two times I pushed a kid out it was go time when I felt that way…so I told Tim to get my Dr NOW because I was going to start pushing and sure enough…upon his arrival I was ready to go and was pushing and about 1 minute later David Michael was born into our lives!10897973_10100114147905467_6702722654733944333_n

Feeling Beautiful…at 35 weeks pregnant

blogI have been pregnant two times before this time and the first time around most of the time I didn’t feel beautiful I just felt FULL…when I was pregnant with Liam I realized that it was about me taking care of myself and most of all seeking God in all I did and that was where I found true beauty, being precious in the sight of God. 

This time around with David I have fully embraced this blessing that God has given to me and I do believe that your heart and your intentions in all you do are reflected in your outward person, whether it be in your beauty or in your relationships with others and the impact that you leave behind.

I think it is important to embrace the moment God has you in and to allow Him to do a great work in you. This pregnancy has been such a blessing in helping me to realize that no matter what you are faced with you can trust God and his perfect timing to work all things out.

I have also noticed that I thoroughly enjoy dressing my pregnant self and feeling beautiful on the inside and outside…even at 35 weeks pregnant…case in point..feeling stunning at 34 weeks last week!


I have also come to enjoy wearing make up and trying out new things…like waterlining have you heard of it? If you haven’t well just click on the link and you’ll find out what it is all about..totally makes your eyes pop! I currently am using, Master Kajal in Charcoal Skies, from Maybelline to achieve this awesome game changing look. I also started wanting to use something besides BB cream because I wanted a little more coverage and didn’t want to have use BB cream and foundation too…so to the rescue you’d never guess came Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse…I would have never thought I’d use something like this but from day 1 I loved it and it goes on so easy and lasts all day! Another game changer has been the Dream Bouncy Blush…super amazing and easy to apply and you can’t mess it up that is what I love about a lot of Maybelline’s products…you can’t mess up! OH and you can’t forget the eye shadow..I love Maybelline’s The Nude’s Pallette and the Color Tattoo in Barely Branded.

So please let me know what your thoughts are and what your makeup trends are too!

Do you DIY?

I love me a good DIY…I’m going full on DIY for Liam’s Halloween costume this year.

I was perplexed since I didn’t want to buy him a costume he’d potentially not be thrilled with wearing and then that would be a waste of money…sigh

Handy Dandy Pinterest to the rescue! I by no means can sew…I have friends that can sew for me  🙂 with that being said I bring you my pinspiration…DIY Ninja Costume

I’ll post a DIY once I get it done…I mean Halloween is ONLY this Friday!!