Feeling Beautiful…at 35 weeks pregnant

blogI have been pregnant two times before this time and the first time around most of the time I didn’t feel beautiful I just felt FULL…when I was pregnant with Liam I realized that it was about me taking care of myself and most of all seeking God in all I did and that was where I found true beauty, being precious in the sight of God. 

This time around with David I have fully embraced this blessing that God has given to me and I do believe that your heart and your intentions in all you do are reflected in your outward person, whether it be in your beauty or in your relationships with others and the impact that you leave behind.

I think it is important to embrace the moment God has you in and to allow Him to do a great work in you. This pregnancy has been such a blessing in helping me to realize that no matter what you are faced with you can trust God and his perfect timing to work all things out.

I have also noticed that I thoroughly enjoy dressing my pregnant self and feeling beautiful on the inside and outside…even at 35 weeks pregnant…case in point..feeling stunning at 34 weeks last week!


I have also come to enjoy wearing make up and trying out new things…like waterlining have you heard of it? If you haven’t well just click on the link and you’ll find out what it is all about..totally makes your eyes pop! I currently am using, Master Kajal in Charcoal Skies, from Maybelline to achieve this awesome game changing look. I also started wanting to use something besides BB cream because I wanted a little more coverage and didn’t want to have use BB cream and foundation too…so to the rescue you’d never guess came Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse…I would have never thought I’d use something like this but from day 1 I loved it and it goes on so easy and lasts all day! Another game changer has been the Dream Bouncy Blush…super amazing and easy to apply and you can’t mess it up that is what I love about a lot of Maybelline’s products…you can’t mess up! OH and you can’t forget the eye shadow..I love Maybelline’s The Nude’s Pallette and the Color Tattoo in Barely Branded.

So please let me know what your thoughts are and what your makeup trends are too!


DIY Party Ideas

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Pinterest? No I haven’t well you mustn’t have read my blog at all 🙂

My sweet girl Ariel turned 4 today and her cookie/crown themed party is this Saturday…you can see my Party Board here

Here is one DIY that was SOOO easy and you can do it for anything!

DIY Pom Pom Cake Topper



Pipe cleaners

Glue gun


Pom Poms

To Do:

I made a #4 but you can make any # or word and just bend and attache pipe cleaners as necessary; make sure to leave about 2 in of room at the bottom so you can stick the pipe cleaner in to your cake!


Do you DIY?

I love me a good DIY…I’m going full on DIY for Liam’s Halloween costume this year.

I was perplexed since I didn’t want to buy him a costume he’d potentially not be thrilled with wearing and then that would be a waste of money…sigh

Handy Dandy Pinterest to the rescue! I by no means can sew…I have friends that can sew for me  🙂 with that being said I bring you my pinspiration…DIY Ninja Costume

I’ll post a DIY once I get it done…I mean Halloween is ONLY this Friday!!

Do You Shave…

Your FACE?!?!

Yes you heard me right if you are a lady reading this.

You know that annoying peach fuzz? Well it can be gone with a simple face razor…you can get a 3 pack for $5 at Sally Beauty

All you need to do is start with a clean dry face and do small strokes and be careful close to your ear…my first time I cut it a little…nothing horrible though

Your face will feel so smooth and no it doesn’t grow back crazy like when you shave your legs 😱 your face will feel as smooth as a 👶tush!

Look at all this hair after my first time…sigh


Try it out and let me know what you think?!

28 weeks pregnant and a bump update

How far along? 28 weeks
Total weight gain: +14
Maternity clothes? For the most part just pants..still able to get away with regular shirts 
Movement: all over the place
Food cravings: ALL things cheese..I think I could eat pizza til he is due
Fitness: …
Labor Signs: I say Braxton, you say Hicks…OFTEN
Symptoms: Stretching belly
What we found out at 28 weeks: He is quite photogenic and is doing wonderful – what a blessing
Names: For about the past month we have been sticking with David Michael
Looking forward to:  acquiring ABC things galore
3rd dm dm2

Do you Pinterest?

I used to pinterest on the regular but rarely followed through with most things I pinned…can you relate?!

Now I’ve come to realize the amazing benefit of pinning!! Long gone are the days of random scrap paper with links and draft emails of links…#linksfordays

I know have a few steady #worthy #useful pinterest boards that I update and USE on the regular.

Those boards include

Dinner This Week

Fall 2014

New House Colors 

I hope you’ll check out my boards and that they inspire you to PIN too!

Do you coconut oil?

ALL the rage…coconut water..coconut oil…have you tried any of their amazing uses?

I enjoy using coconut oil for its beauty benefits…one of them includes make up remover!

Once again I’m hooking you up with Cara, her blog is great and inspiring!

All I do is put some coconut oil into a small jar (i.e. empty mason jar or baby food jar) and then I add some coconut oil to a cotton pad and swipe it over my eyes a few times and BAM you’ve got clean eyelids in a snap and no need to buy those silly make up remover towels!

DIY infinity scarf

I have never really been into scarves but after getting my sweet friend Drea a gorgeous infinity cheetah print scarf I kind of fell in love.

I got this great tutorial from SugarandCloth

Foam pouncer
All surface paint

Lay your shirt flat and cut a straight line from right under the armpit all the way down to the other armpit.

Dip your pouncer in the paint color and start dotting away.

Start in a straight line and then alternate the next line til one side is completely covered.

Bam you are done!



Pardon my evening look and attire 😜

DIY Hair Toner

I love following Cara’s blog Maskcara she has great beauty tips that I can even comprehend and follow 🙂

I am trying out her DIY hair toner recipe for the next few showers and I will keep you posted on how it turns out!

It is super easy to make and not expensive at all!


What you’ll need:

Shaker bottle


Neon Purple Food Coloring

Measuring Spoon

What to do:

Mix together 2 1/2 C of ACV with 1/8 tsp of Neon Purple Food Coloring into shaker bottle and BAM you are done

Depending on your hair length you probably won’t use the total amount made in one use so you can get a few hair washes out of it

You simply do the rinse after you conditioner your hair and then rinse with cold water

Hope it works for you and that you check out Cara’s blog too!