Do you DIY…

CHRISTMAS?? It is the most wonderful time of year to celebrate the birth of our Savior and to enjoy the precious fellowship with family and friends! It is also the most wonderful time of year to get your craft on…I saw this pin and had to make a few..however this pin led me to need to find a much MUCH better pin because I was becoming destined for a pinterest fail Friday afternoon…sigh…the difference is the size of the container you use!!!



DIY Party Ideas

Have I mentioned that I am obsessed with Pinterest? No I haven’t well you mustn’t have read my blog at all 🙂

My sweet girl Ariel turned 4 today and her cookie/crown themed party is this Saturday…you can see my Party Board here

Here is one DIY that was SOOO easy and you can do it for anything!

DIY Pom Pom Cake Topper



Pipe cleaners

Glue gun


Pom Poms

To Do:

I made a #4 but you can make any # or word and just bend and attache pipe cleaners as necessary; make sure to leave about 2 in of room at the bottom so you can stick the pipe cleaner in to your cake!


DIY Hair Toner

I love following Cara’s blog Maskcara she has great beauty tips that I can even comprehend and follow 🙂

I am trying out her DIY hair toner recipe for the next few showers and I will keep you posted on how it turns out!

It is super easy to make and not expensive at all!


What you’ll need:

Shaker bottle


Neon Purple Food Coloring

Measuring Spoon

What to do:

Mix together 2 1/2 C of ACV with 1/8 tsp of Neon Purple Food Coloring into shaker bottle and BAM you are done

Depending on your hair length you probably won’t use the total amount made in one use so you can get a few hair washes out of it

You simply do the rinse after you conditioner your hair and then rinse with cold water

Hope it works for you and that you check out Cara’s blog too!

To Do List and Pinterest

Do you have a to do list? I’m sure we all have one…but do you have one that is a fun to do list? I have one…actually quite a few

This is where Pinterest comes into play…do you have a Pinterest account? If not, why not? HA!

I love all things Pinterest for inspiration Pinspiration 🙂

Feel free to follow me and my Crafts Yes Please board 🙂

Today I’m going to be making the ring tray found on Cupcakes & Cashmere

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish

Have you ever tried gel polish? I have and I love it; especially being a mom of 2 that works FT and cleans A LOT and types on a computer all day…it lasts for about the 2 weeks it says it should…downside is the cost…sigh ($30 every time is a lot).

I heard of a CND Vinylux hack from The Small Things Blog…I started searching online and you can get a really great deal on the real deal CND Vinylux on EBay!

I got 2 colors and the special top coat for about $20 and it came on time and is super easy to put on!

Stay tuned as I’ll fill you in next week on how it lasted!


Ingenious Cleaning Idea

I have a friend at work that imparted great wisdom unto me with regards to making cleaning your bathroom a breeze…I’m forever grateful 

Run to the dollar store or Walmart and pick up one of those sponges that you can fill with soap and make sure you have Dawn soap and plain white vinegar on hand

Add equal parts Dawn soap with white vinegar into dispenser part close the top and shake up

Let the fun cleaning begin…you’ll be amazed by the small amount of elbow grease it requires!

A List…

Sigh…do you ever have a list a mile long? Oh my I always do, most of the time it is a list of the things I’d like to do not the things I have to do…how do the things you have to do just get done all the time, but the things you want to do always get put on the back burner? 

I’ve got plans and I’m sticking to them…new blog title? new motto? MAYBE

Check out this super easy burlap wreath tutorial…I have ALL the stuff, just need to sit and do it!

These are not on my list, but I see them making it on there soon enough…new house list…yes I have that…

Oh and this no sew curtain idea…yes please! Our new house is going to have windows galore, I see these in my crafting future!

What is on your list?

Gold Spray Paint Love Affair

Have you ever just wished everything could be colored gold? I used to not be a fan of the color gold…but now I prefer gold…even on my old glass jars…swoon

Here is an easy peasy craft


1 glass jar cleaned

blue painters tape

gold spray paint (I have valspar at the moment)


Simply section off the part you don’t want to spray paint with painters tape and patiently apply layer after layer of the heavenly scented spray paint and then let it dry…..

BAM you are done…new fancy spray painted jar

I have also spray painted a letter A gold for Ariel’s new room….which I’m so excited for in our new house and a small pig that was for someone who adores pigs and it was their 50th birthday and I placed the pig on top of a mason jar filled with dark chocolate


Another Monday has come and almost gone…and here comes May about to roll in…hopefully with some nice warmth to stay!

Don’t you just love a nice twist on a great dish that is also REALLY GOOD for you? I know I do…I made these awesome turkey zucchini meatballs tonight (with a few tweaks) and they were out of this world!

I have another awesome fashion blogger on my radar that I just adore…even from her first appearance on Most Eligible Dallas…give it up for the amazing Courtney Kerr 

Also, as I mentioned before May is about to roll in…with that being said make sure your feet look acceptable at all times!